Education Licenses

The following technique classes and repertory pieces are available for licensing in an educational setting. Each of the works can be taught in one semester, a master class, a workshop or a fully staged performance. Every repertory piece can be paired with a semester long technique class specifically designed to help students better learn and perform the piece. Enrolled students in any of the options listed below will receive a carefully designed and comprehensive training in the Twyla Tharp Technique.

All Tharp Education Programs are taught by Tharp Ballet Masters. Click here for faculty bios. Please fill in the contact form on our website for more information on how to bring these iconic works and classes to your school.



Complete Work Information

Treefrog Technique Class

Developed by Ms. Tharp and her ballet masters, the TREEFROG Technique class exposes students to the fundamentals of the Tharp style of movement. TREEFROG refers to the suction-cupped feet of rainforest frogs and their unique ability to cling to anything. Students focus on mimicking this ability in their relation to the floor, building power and strength and developing balance and speed.

With additional focus on isometric conditioning and proper alignment, the class teaches students how to apply strength, power and accuracy to the movement. Utilizing choreographic methods such as retrograde, reversal and inversion, the class also teaches students to think, act and move creatively.



The One Hundreds

This dance is composed of 100 short phrases with no musical cues. While studying the work, students will practice disciplining muscle memory.

Performance of this piece provides students with an opportunity to display accuracy and self-reliance as they complete these short phrases in a certain order.

The dance can be performed by any number of students and can also incorporate members of the community.



TORELLI is a dance in two parts. The first part is nine phrases danced in unison and the second half allows the student to recombine and restructure these phrases creating their own movement. While studying this work, students learn basic choreographic techniques, such as reversals, inversions, retrogrades, cutting and pasting.

Performance of TORELLI requires focus in the moment and spontaneous creativity.

This work can be danced by any number of students.


Treefrog in Stonehenge

Originally created for students, this dance is a combination of two technique classes: TREEFROG and STONEHENGE. TREEFROG works isometrically, concentrating on the dancer’s posture and connection to the floor. STONEHENGE is taught in a circle, thus requiring the student to move as a group in time and space.

In the performance, the students utilize not only the outward focus of conventional theater but also the closed focus of ritual.

The piece is danced by sixteen students.


Sweet Fields

Inspired by the Shaker tradition, this dance shows economy, precision and simplicity. In the corresponding technique class, students gain a sense of community while spacing the choreography’s formations and lifts.

Performance of this piece requires students to move together and trust one another.

The piece is danced by twelve students: six male and six female. If the music department is available, the score can be performed by live singers.


The Fugue

This dance consists of a twenty-count theme, which is developed into twenty variations through a number of reversals, inversions, retrogrades, repetitions, re-sequencing and rhythmic manipulations. Students will develop discipline and stamina as they apply various choreographic methods to one phrase of movement that is repeated, cut and pasted.

The piece is performed by three dancers, each one representing a musical register: bass, alto or soprano. There is no music, only the dancers’ footsteps on an electronically amplified stage.