Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works


In the summer of 1994, Tharp and company began a two-month residency at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. The culminating performance Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works is a lecture/demonstration-style presentation of the material Tharp developed over that summer.

Tharp first introduced the lecture/demonstration format in the late 1960s. She often used the format to deconstruct completed works. Twyla Tharp in Washington, however, was scripted and choreographed simultaneously.


  • Caddell and Selya perform. © Tom Brazil
  • Caddell, Selya, Jacobsson, DeChiazza, Stevens and Porter rehearse "Bartok." © Joan Marcus
  • Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works
    Mahoney, Stevens and Porter in performance. © Tom Brazil
  • Company dancers in performance. © Tom Brazil
  • Selya and Caddell perform "Bartok." © Tom Brazil
  • Tharp in performance. © Tom Brazil


Tharp and company dancers in an excerpt from "Burundi Drums."
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Performance History

Twyla Tharp Dance
September 13, 1994

Premiere performance
Additional performances through October 2, 1994

Twyla Tharp Dance
January 16, 1995

Additional performances on January 17-21 & 23-28, 1995
Performed under the title: "Twyla Tharp Red, White & Blue: New Works"