Rules Of The Game


Tharp was commissioned by Rudolf Nureyev to create a new work for the Paris Opera Ballet's 1989 season. She selected French artists as collaborators - Michel Colombier to compose the score and Gilles Dufour, at the time a designer for the house of Chanel, to create the costumes. The resulting ballet Rules Of The Game pays homage to the history and traditions of French theater and dance. 

The choroegraphy is both a showcase for the company's world-class dancers and a deconstruction of the classical lexicon. As the ballet concludes, the dancers face upstage in acknowledgment of the Palais Garnier before taking their bows to the audience.


  • Legris, Delanoe and Arbo in performance. ©Rodolphe Torette
  • Guerin and Tharp in rehearsal. ©Rodolphe Torette
  • Legris, Guerin and Delanoe rehearse. ©Rodolphe Torette
  • Tharp and Delanoe demonstrate a lift during rehearsal. ©Rodolphe Torette


Legris, Gaida and Delanoe in rehearsal.
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Music Program:

1. Original Score by Michel Colombier

2. Violin Sonata no. 1  in G Minor, BWV 1001
Composed by J.S. Bach -1720

I. Adagio
II. Fuga (Allegro)
III. Siciliana
IV. Presto

Violin Solo:  Herve Le Floch
Conductor:  Michel Tabachnik

Audio Sample: 

Original Score
by Michel Colombier

Performance History

Palais Garnier, Paris, France
February 18, 1989

Works on this program: As Time Goes By, Rules Of The Game (premiere)