Rabbit And Rogue


Rabbit and Rogue is Tharp’s fifteenth commission for American Ballet Theatre. The ballet features a mischievous pair of principal men in a disconnected, virtual world. They encounter two couples and their supporting ensembles – one tumultuous, one harmonious. 

With the advancements in consumer video technology, Tharp was able to utilize video during the rehearsal of Rabbit and Rogue more extensively than with previous projects. By editing and collaging rehearsal footage, Tharp was able to approximate the timing and positions on stage in order to maximize the performers’ limited rehearsal time.


  • Stiefel and Cornejo in performance. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Herrera and Saveliev in performance. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Cornejo (crouched), Salstein and Stiefel in performance. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Rabbit and Rogue
    Dancers of American Ballet Theatre perform. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Hallberg and Murphy in performance. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Dancers of American Ballet Theatre perform. © Gene Schiavone


Members of American Ballet Theatre in excerpts from Tharp's rehearsal video montage and dress rehearsal. 
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Music Program:

Rabbit and Rogue
Composed by: Danny Elfman

I: Frolic
II: Rag
III: Lyric
IV Gamelan
V: Finale

Conducted by: Ormsby Wilkins

Audio Sample: 

From Rabbit and Rogue

Performance History

Metropolitan Opera House, New York, NY
June 3, 2008

Additional performances on June 4-7, 2008

August 6, 2008

Additional performances on August 7-10, 2008