Edward Villella, founder and artistic director of Miami City Ballet, approached Tharp to choreograph the company's first major commission. Drawing from the cultural diversity and vibrant nightlife of Miami, Nightspot features three principal couples in a blend of folk and Latin dances, pointe work and hip-hop. Four soloists and eight ensemble dancers complete the cast. 


  • Nightspot
    Miami City Ballet in performance. ©Joe Gato
  • Nightspot
    Guerra and Kronenberg perform. ©Joe Gato  


Miami City Ballet dancers during dress reheasal.
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Music Program:

Composed by Elvis Costello

Principal Conductor: Juan Francisco La Manna

Dance Band

Musical Director/Keyboards: Tim Devine
Drums: Lee Levin
Guitars/Mandolin: Dan Warner
Electric and Upright Bass: Chuck Bergeron
Saxes/Flute/Accordian: Pete Brewer
Saxes: Dave Fernandez
Trumpet: Jason Carder
Trombone: Dante Luciani
Percussion: Gary Mayone


Concertmaster: Bogumila Zgraja
Assistant Concertmaster: Laszlo Pap

Violin: Claudia Cagnassone, Gennady Aronin, Georgetta Miller, Tony Seepersad, Roslind Lang, Gerry Miller, Sha Zhang, Galina Aronin, Raisa Ilyutovich, Vivian Gonzalez, Stephanie Sibgman

Viola: Renata Guitart, Galina Dennison, Shao-Chin Chien, Michael Davis

Cello: Luisa Bustamante, Angela Maleh, Konstantin Litvinenko, Arthur Abney

Contrabass: Janet Clippard, Ariadna Barbe-Villa

Oboe/English Horn: Dione Chandler

Flute/Piccolo: Sara Stout

Clarinet: Isabel Mora

Bassoon: Geoff Hale

Horn: Jerry Peel

Trumpet: Craig Morris

Trombones: John Kricker, Joel Keene

Harp: Stacey Berkley

Celeste: Francisco Rennó

Timpani: Mark Schubert

Percussion: Mikhail Michaeslon

Musician Contractor: Tim Devine

Audio Sample: 

Composed by Elvis Costello

Performance History

March 28, 2008

Additional performances on March 29-30, 2008

April 4, 2008

Additional performances on April 5-6, 2008

April 11, 2008

Additional performances on April 12-13, 2008