Known By Heart


Known By Heart is a compilation of three dances that, when performed together, presents a broad spectrum of music and movement. The opening duet, set to Mozart’s “Danse Allemande,” is a display of counterpoint, infused with folk and social dance references.

Junk Duet makes up the second section. Donald “The Junkman” Knaack’s percussive score, played entirely on recycled materials, is an abrupt departure from the Mozart.

The third section is set to Steve Reich's minimalist composition “Six Pianos.” Two men perform in mirrored unison; their duet forms the bass line on which the other dancers enter and exit in variations of earlier material. 


  • Kent and Corella in the opening section. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Stifel and Jaffe in Junk Duet as performed in Known By Heart. © Rosalie O'Connor
  • Braun and Roberts perform the third section. © Paul Kolnik
  • Company dancers perform in the third section. © Rosalie O'Connor


Members of American Ballet Theatre in an excerpt from the third section.
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Music Program:

Danse Allemande
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Transcribed by Robert E. Fertitta
Orchestration reconstructed by Anthony Sbordoni

Junk Music
Written and performed by Donald Knaack 

Six Pianos 
Composed by Steve Reich
Published by Hendon Music Inc., a Boosey & Hawkes company

Audio Sample: 

Six Pianos 
By Steve Reich

Performance History

New York City Center, New York, NY
November 3, 1998

Premiere performance
Additional performances on November 5 & 7-8, 1998