Bach Partita


Bach Partita was choreographed for American Ballet Theatre at a time when the company’s ranks were replete with exceptional artists. This pure-dance ballet is one of Tharp’s largest, created for six principal dancers, fourteen soloists and sixteen corps ballerinas.

Bach’s “Partita No. 2 in D minor” is a pillar in the canon of works for solo violin. It displays not only his knowledge of the instrument, but also the scope of his imagination. In much the same way, the choreography demands technical facility and artistry from every dancer in the cast, principals to corps.


  • Bach Partita
    Messac and LaFosse in performance. ©Martha Swope
  • Bach Partita
    Messac, LaFosse, Gregory, Bujones, Van Hamel and Tippet perform. ©Martha Swope


American Ballet Theatre dancers in rehearsal.
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Music Program:

Partita No.2  in D minor for solo violin (BWV 1004)
Composed by J.S Bach 1717-1723

1. Allemanda
2. Corrente
3. Sarabanda
4. Giga
5. Ciaccona

Audio Sample: 

Composed by J.S. Bach

This audio is from the premiere performance at The Kennedy Center on December 9th, 1983

Performance History

December 9, 1983

Premiere performance
Additional performance on December 11, 1983

Wang Center at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
February 2, 1984
Jones Hall, Houston, TX
April 3, 1985
David H. Koch Theater, New York, NY
November 1, 2013

Additional performances on November 3, 5 & 9, 2013

Queensland Performing Arts Center, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
September 5, 2014

Additional Performances in September 6 (Mat & Eve) and 7 (Mat).

October 3, 2014

Additional Performances on October 4 (Mat & Eve) & 5.

David H. Koch Theater, New York, NY
October 29, 2014

Additional Performances on October 30 & November 2.