Afternoon Ball


Artistic director Peter Boal commissioned Tharp to create two new works for the Pacific Northwest Ballet: Afternoon Ball and Opus 111. The two works, performed back-to-back, form an opposition pair – one work light and classical, the other cold and contemporary.       

Afternoon Ball is a portrait of a lost generation. Three ragamuffins perform simultaneous solos; their isolated dances finally merging into a disconnected trio.

One performer is transported to an earlier era, as two other dancers in Biedermeir costumes enter and warm lights rise. Composer Vladimir Martynov’s references to Franz Schubert stand in stark contrast to the dissonance of the previous section. 


  • Afternoon Ball
    Neshyba-Hodges, Nakamura and Wevers in performance. ©Angela Sterling
  • Afternoon Ball
    Chalnessa Eames in a 2010 restaging. ©Steve Fus


Brief excerpts of the premiere cast in performance.
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Music Program:

Autumn Ball of the Elves
Composed by Vladimir Martynov - 1994

Performance History

McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA
September 25, 2008

Additional performances on September 26-28, 2008
Works on this program: Opus 111 (premiere), Afternoon Ball (premiere), Nine Sinatra Songs

McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA
November 5, 2010

Additional performances on November 6-7 & 12-14, 2010
Works on this program: Opus 111, Afternoon Ball, Waterbaby Bagatelles

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